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Raw fish


Tuna contains rich protein, vitamin A, D and various minor elements, especially DHA and EPA, methionine, cystine and taurine. Tuna is recommended by International Nutrition Institute as a kind of healthy food. Tuna owns an extraordinary delicate taste due to its glutamate and histidine content which are much higher than common fish. The company owns a large purse seiner fleet which operate mainly in Western & Central Pacific Ocean, specializing in the fishing of yellow fin tuna and skipjacks, whose annual catch is around 80,000 tons. The products are popular in South-east Asian, European and domestic market and have earned great reputations.

Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel contains high protein, abundant protoheme and moderate fat, as well as calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin A, E. The company catches horse mackerels regularly in the high seas off Chile, with an annual capture of 25,000 tons, most of which are sold to Africa, and a small part sold to South America and Europe. The main products are frozen whole rounds, HGT products, cans and fish meal etc. In recent years, the company enhances the research and development on the products, and we believe that the horse mackerel products will be popular among the customers in Shanghai and nationwide, becoming delicacies in common households.

Alaska Pollack

Alaska Pollack, one of the major species in cod family, is widely spread in the northern Pacific Ocean and is one of the commercial fish species with a substantial capture volume. Rich in protein and low in fat, Alaska Pollack owns very high commercial value and is very suitable for industrial and standardized mass production. Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea Fisheries is one of the few companies which is qualified for Alaska Pollack fishing. The company sends large factory trawlers to western Bering Sea for fishing, whose annual capture is above 10,000 tons. Products like frozen whole rounds, HGT and minced fillets are processed on board.

Japanese Mackerel

Mackerel, also known as Japanese mackerel, is widely spread in Northern Pacific Ocean and is one of the major commercial fish species in this area. Mackerel is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minor elements as well as abundant EPA and DHA. The meat is solid and fatty, which can be served fresh, salted or canned. Its liver contains a lot of vitamins and can be processed into fish liver oil. Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea sends regularly large factory trawlers to Northern Pacific Ocean for mackerel fishing, whose annual capture can reach up to several thousand tons. The frozen whole rounds processed on board have been sought-after in markets in domestic China and south-eastern Asia.

Antarctic Krill

Antarctic krill lives in Antarctic Ocean with a general length between 5.6-6cm, which is one of the single species with the most biotic population in the world. Reputed as the future protein library for human beings, Antarctic krill contains high-quality protein and more amino acid content than beef and shrimp. At present, krills are processed into frozen krill, krill meal and krill oil etc, which can be further processed into food, health care products and medicines etc. Therefore, for a populous country with relatively deficient natural resources like China, the comprehensive exploitation and utilization of Antarctic marine resources shall have an important strategic significance.


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