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Holding Company

Hijos De Carlos Albo S.L.U.

Hijos De Carlos Albo S.L.U. was wholly acquired by Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea Fisheries Co., Ltd. in June, 2016. Established in 1869 and with a history of 150 years, Albo is one of the leading enterprises in Spain for canned fish and tuna, whose factories are located in Vigo, Celeiro and Tapia. The company mainly produces canned aquatic products such as tuna and sardine, supplemented by convenient foods such as beans and meat, and produces more than 100 kinds of products with an annual capacity of 70 million cans. Albo's products are available in dozens of countries in the world.

Kanglong (H.K.) Shipping Limited

Kanglong (H.K.) Shipping Limited was established in October 2015 by Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea Fisheries Co., Ltd. and Greek Lavinia Company in Hong Kong, where the company is registered with a registered capital of US$ 2.5 million, in which Kaichuang Deep Sea holds 51% of the shares and Lavinia Company 49%. Based on the current fishery transportation network of Lavinia and the giant volume of factory trawling and purse seining fleet of Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea, Kanglong (H.K.) Shipping Limited will jointly develop the fishery commercial transportation market.

Pan Pacific Foods (RMI) Inc.

Pan Pacific Foods (RMI) Inc. is a wholly-owned overseas enterprise established by Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce. The factory is located in Majuro, capital of the Republic of Marshall Islands. It covers an area of 24 hectares and has a total investment of 9.97 million US dollars. The company has a registered capital of 8 million US dollars and employs more than 500 people. It specializes in processing and sales of tuna, tuna loins and trading of related products.

Pan Pacific Fish (RMI) Inc.

Pan Pacific Fish (RMI) Inc. is a wholly-owned overseas enterprise established by Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea, with a total investment of 60 million US dollars, mainly engaged in tuna-based marine fishing and related businesses.

French Creek Seafood Ltd.

French Creek Seafood Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as FCS Company) is located in Parksville, Vancouver, Canada, formerly a private family business in Canada. In January 2019, Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea Fisheries Co., Ltd. completed the acquisition of 70% of its shares. Mainly engaged in the acquisition, processing and sale of wild salmon, tuna, flounder, black cod, peony shrimp and other aquatic products in the Strait region. With the expansion and deepening of its business, FCS has gradually acquired the resources such as Arctic sweet shrimp, Canadian lobster, snow crab, rare crab, sea cucumber, and panopea generosa . FCS has passed the EU certification, and its product sales business can cover all parts of the world. Its product processing facilities have been incorporated into the organization and management of MSC, and have been awarded the MSC Ocean Management Award for Sustainable Fishing.

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