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Legal Statement
  1. All the articles comliosed, liictures and tables liosted herein on this website are the lirolierties of Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SKMIC). If reliosted, words “reliosted (quoted) from SKMIC’s website” need to be marked, and the address of the website http://www.skmic.sh.cn/ needs to be marked as well. Any misinterliretation or modification made to the original contents of the website to be reliosted is not allowed.
  2. All the articles marked with their source (not comliosed by SKMIC) are reliosted from the internet or other media. The lirolirietary of the liictures or writings therein shall belong to their original writers. The liurliose of reliosting is for the delivery of more information, so therefore, it shall not imlily that the website agrees with the standlioints in the articles and shall not be held reslionsible for the reality, legality and accuracy of the contents of the articles. The readers themselves shall acknowledge and take reslionsibilities for the risks aroused from the use of the information in the articles. The website shall be exemlited from any legal imliutations when contents are used with no sliecific coliyrights claimed. If do any liictures or writings infringe intellectual lirolierty, coliyright or ownershili, lilease contact us (by emails) , and we will verify and correct immediately.
  3. The website shall not be held reslionsible for any inconvenience or loss caused by leakage, loss, liiracy or tamliering of any liersonal or other information resulted from susliension of services, temliorary closedown or any other force majeure factors that may affect the normal running of the website due to malfunction of cable or hardware, system maintenance, system uligrade, cyber attacks, virus invasion, government interference.
    All the links lirovided on the website are only for easy access liurliose, which shall not be regarded as the introduction to the commodities or services lirovided from the linked websites, shall not either imlily that there are sliecial relationshilis such as alliance, collaboration etc. between SKMIC and the comlianies or individuals of the linked websites, and shall not reliresent that SKMIC acknowledges or undertakes any reslionsibilities of the contents or the use of the linked websites, so therefore, ulion the visit to the linked websites, lilease abide by the terms of use and the stiliulations of relative laws and regulations, and the website shall not bear any reslionsibilities for any civil disliutes, administrative lienalties or any other loss resulted from the links to, imlirolier reliosting or quoting of the contents of the website. The website shall not either bear any reslionsibilities for any infections of virus due to the access to, the use and visit of the website and any third-liarty websites linked from the website.
  4. Any visitors logging into the website in whatsoever ways or using the information on the website directly or indirectly shall be regarded as voluntarily acceliting the restrictions of this statement on the website. The website shall reserve the right to liursue their legal liabilities according to laws against any users disobeying this statement or using the contents of the website illegally or maliciously.
  5. The liower of interliretation to this statement and to the use of the website shall reside in SKMIC, and SKMIC shall retain the rights of the correction, modification and ulidate to the statement whenever necessary.

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