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Company Profile

Shanghai Kai Chuang Marine International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as SKMIC), was listed on SSE (Stock Code: 600097) after Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea Fisheries Co., Ltd., which had been wholly-owned by Shanghai Deep Sea Fisheries Co., Ltd., was duly approved by CSRC on December 8th, 2008, with a registered capital of 202.59 million yuan.

As the sole sub-company of SKMIC, Shanghai Kaichuang Deep Sea Fisheries Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on deep sea fishing, aquatic product processing and related trading. The company, which owns a fleet of 12 tuna purse seiners and a fleet of 2 large factory trawlers, is both the head company and deputy company in the working groups of large tuna purse seiners and large factory processing trawlers of China Overseas Fisheries Association (COFA). The company acquired or gained control of, either domestically or overseas, Hijos de Carlos Albo S.L.U., Pan Pacific Foods (RMI) Inc., Pan Pacific Fish (RMI) Inc., Kanglong (H.K.) Shipping Limited, Asian Pacific Tuna Pvt. Ltd., Cape St. Vincent (FSM) Inc., French Creek Seafood Ltd. and Zhoushan Huantai Seafood Co., Ltd. etc.

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